Project Description

Total Urine Porphyrin

The total amount of porphyrins in a urine sample is easily measured. This is a useful test for screening especially when combined with ALA and PBG.

An increase in urine porphyrins is nonspecific, and may not be an indication of an acute Porphyria if ALA and PBG are normal.

A variety of porphyrins are present in urine. When there is an increase, particularly a large increase, in total urine porphyrins, it is often useful to determine the individual porphyrins found in urine. It is seldom important to do this if the total is normal.

  • Configurable for different method factors
  • Tangent and peak height automatically determined
  • Calculation data entered for each sample
  • Total Urine Porphyrin in nmol/L calculated

Full printout with scan and results or pdf file